Vehicle rental
1. The lessee agrees not to use or allow the vehicle to be used to transport people or things by rental, in any speed race or public or private sports competition; by any person who has given Hollings Group S.L a fictitious name or an age or address that is not authentic or in contravention of applicable Laws, Regulations or Ordinances; to move or tow a vehicle or trailer; or by any person other than the lessee, his/her relatives who live with him/her, the lessee’s employer or an employee of the lessee who uses the vehicle during the normal provision of services to the lessee. It is understood that any of the persons who have just been cited must have previously obtained the authorization of Hollings Group S.L and that no person, including the lessee, may use or drive the vehicle unless they are in possession of the vehicle. corresponding driving license. The restrictions contained in this clause apply jointly and are effective with respect to any use, utilization or driving of the vehicle. The lessee assumes full responsibility for any fine, sanction or damage arising from the violation of the provisions of this clause.

2. The lessee assumes full responsibility for any infractions of traffic or parking regulations committed during the term of this contract.

3. It is expressly agreed that Hollings Group S.L does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any property left, stored or that the lessee or any other person leaves, stores or transports in the vehicle during the rental. or after it ends. The lessee assumes the risk of such loss or damage, exempts Hollings Group S.L from any claim for them and undertakes to keep Hollings Group S.L free and harmless from any claim arising from that cause.

4. Hollings Group S.L does not accept responsibility for delay or delays that occur as a result of vehicle breakdown or other causes. Hollings Group S.L reserves the right to replace the vehicle in case of theft or accident, being necessary to carry out said substitution the signed justification of acceptance of fault by the opposing party.

5. The client will be responsible for all the damages caused to the leased vehicle and may be relieved by the conditions that appear in point 16. If the client loses or leaves the keys of the vehicle inside it, they will be charged €30 as a displacement for taking the double keys or another service.

6. The vehicle object of the contract is covered by an Insurance policy called -Unlimited- of Civil and Criminal Liability against third parties, since the lessee is insured under said policy, he is obliged to comply with all the terms and conditions of the same. In order to comply with the provisions of said policy. The lessee undertakes to immediately report any loss to the insurance company or to Hollings Group S.L

7. For any difference that may arise in relation to this document, the parties expressly submit to the Judges and Courts of Ibiza, renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

8. In all-risk insurance Hollings Group S.L offers the client insurance for damage to the rented vehicle caused by collision. This insurance does not cover damage caused to the wheels, lower parts of the vehicle, loss of keys, theft, breakage or damage to the interior of the vehicle and accessories belonging to or delivered with the vehicle.
This insurance will be invalidated, as well as the contract and with loss by the lessee, of the rate, insurance and euros in deposit when:

– The vehicle is driven by a person other than the lessee, does not have a contract or is out of date.

– The driver violates the laws of the Highway Code.

– Damages are caused intentionally or by misuse of the vehicle.

– More people than those authorized are mounted in the vehicle.

– The vehicle is driven off paved roads.

– The driver drives under the influence of alcohol and other narcotic substances.

– The lessee dedicates it to any activity such as the transport of goods, the paid transport of passengers or when it directly or indirectly implies sublease of the vehicle.

– If the insurance is invalidated due to the aforementioned assumptions, the lessee is responsible for the damage caused to the vehicle due to theft, accident, breakdown, vandalism, misplacement or loss of its parts, as well as the days of vehicle stoppages.

9. DEPOSIT OR GUARANTEE. At the time of signing the contract, the tenant will pay Hollings Group S.L, in addition to the amount of the settlement of the corresponding contract, an amount as a deposit or guarantee, the amount of which will be at the discretion of Hollings Group S.L up to which the lessee will bear any type of extra charge of any nature that has been generated, and may be pending return until the resolution of the incident.
In the event that said amount deposited in the deposit does not cover said charges in full, the lessee must pay Hollings Group S.L the difference. If there is no extra charge, Hollings Group S.L will return said deposit to the tenant once the contract has ended.

10. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE. The vehicle will be returned at the place, date and time stipulated in the contract and in the same condition in which it was delivered by Hollings Group S.L with all its documents, tires, keys, tools and accessories. If the vehicle is returned before, the lessee will not be entitled to a refund of the amount of the contract rate and insurance. In the event that the lessee wishes to keep the leased vehicle for a period longer than the time agreed in the contract, he must obtain written authorization from Hollings Group S.L, to whom he must remit the corresponding amount or accept the charge. on the credit card with which the rent was paid, in no case can the deposit be used for an extension of the rent. Any alteration in the agreed return conditions may result in additional charges for the lessee.

11. FUELS. It is the lessee’s responsibility to refuel the vehicle with the appropriate type of fuel, the amount of which will always be at their expense. Any expense or repair derived from the use of inadequate fuel will be borne by the lessee. If the customer returns the vehicle with more fuel than on departure, the difference will not be paid for administrative reasons.

12. EXTRA CHARGES. A supplement will be charged at the discretion of the company, for cleaning if the vehicle is returned with the interior and/or upholstery wet or with excessive dirt, for convertible vehicles, it is the customer’s responsibility to close it completely when due to inclement weather or of any other nature. or naturalness the vehicle is exposed to possible damage inside. Fines and other infractions of the traffic code will be borne by the contract holder. For this purpose, HOLLINGS GROUP S.L reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of 50 Euros for each of the relevant procedures. The amount of 15 Euros will also be charged, if the vehicle keys are returned without a key ring. The lessee authorizes HOLLINGS GROUP S.L to charge their credit or debit card for all extra charges generated by the return of the vehicle, according to the clauses of this lease.

13.1. For reservations with FLEX rate, you can cancel or modify your reservation without any type of penalty as long as you notify 48 hours in advance of the vehicle pick-up date. Otherwise, you will be charged the amount corresponding to the first day of renting the reserved vehicle (without discounts).

13.2. For reservations with SMART rate, you will not be able to change the rental dates or make any modification or cancellation to the reservation that implies the return of the amount that was paid to confirm it.

14. Hollings Group S.L is not responsible for possible errors in the calculation of prices or availability of vehicles by the website. In the event of an error, Hollings Group S.L undertakes to cancel the reservation and cancel the payment made within a maximum period of 24 hours from the confirmation of the reservation.

15. The client must be 21 years old and have had a driving license for more than 2 years to rent cars, quads and vans. To rent mopeds and motorcycles the client must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license


This vehicle will be withdrawn immediately if it is OPEN (address and padlock), WRONGLY PARKED, or with EXPIRED CONTRACT, your contract will be canceled immediately and you will lose all the money paid.

THEFT.- Always leave the vehicle locked. Do not leave anything of value inside. In case of theft, you must pay the value of the vehicle, in your case you must pay the amount of the franchise by presenting the corresponding complaint. The contract will be automatically canceled and you will lose all the money paid. In no case, the comprehensive insurance covers the theft of the vehicle.

DELIVERY.- Vehicles not returned on the stipulated delivery date and time, will suffer a surcharge of 20 Euros per hour or fraction for cars and quads and 10 Euros per hour or fraction for motorcycles. 25 Euros will be charged if the vehicle is returned to an office other than the pick-up and an extra 10 Euros if it is also returned outside office hours.

MARITIME ZONE.- Driving vehicles in the maritime zone (beach), or outside the authorized roads, is illegal and seriously damages the vehicle. Likewise, the lessee undertakes not to use or allow the vehicle to leave the island of Ibiza. Such circumstances automatically cancel the insurance, and it means the loss of all the money paid on account and the cancellation of your contract.

EXCESS.- In case of breakage or theft of the vehicle or its parts, the customer must pay up to 350 Euros for the MA and MB groups; 450 Euros for the MC, MD and MH groups; 1,000 Euros for cars in groups A, B and C and quads and motorcycles over 350 c.c., 1,500 Euros for groups D, E, F, G, H, H auto and I; 2000 Euros for groups J, K and L; 2,500 Euros for groups M, N and O and 3,000 Euros for groups P and Q. Any type of insurance will be invalidated if at the time of the accident or theft the client had not paid the corresponding rent to date.

PAYMENT BY CARD: The holder of the card with which any payment or deposit is made must be present at the signing of the rental contract and prove ownership.


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